On Theme: Eminem Chrysler Commercial

A great example of a strong theme is this Eminem Chrysler Commercial from a few years ago (after the Detroit Auto Bailouts): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKL254Y_jtc


Office Hours MLC Jittery Joes

My office hours are scheduled for Thursdays 1230-130 and I will hold them in the MLC Jittery Joes rather than in my office in Caldwell. Feel free to come by (you might have to hunt for me–it’s gets busy) and you can always email me for an appointment.

I might consider checking Word Press before you head over in case something comes up and I can’t make it–I will post changes here.

eLC Textbook Link Now Working.

You should find that the link to the course textbook under the “Course Textbook” Content Module on eLC is NOW WORKING (The syllabus link will remain broken). If you click on the link you will NOT go to a new page, rather you will stay where you are and the PDF of the texbook will automatically download per whatever settings you have enabled. For your convenience this is the correct link:


If you cannot find it try typing “stand up speak out” into your folder search tool and/or looking through your Downloads folder (it helps if you arrange items from the most recent).

If you still cannot access the textbook please email me at lmp14@uga.edu.

Aug 18 Updates

930 class: discussed novelty/familiarity continuum, wants/expectations and wants-you-didn’t-know-you-wanted aka “needs”, reviewed semester assignments, eLC page with syllabus link, attendance policy. Discussed how assignment prompts work and why we use them. 

Take homes: access eLC, read syllabus and bring any pressing questions, get textbook and workbook, read chapter 3, bring workbook activity for class, review monologue assignment on eLC (sample review optional–will watch in class), choose movie monologue or at least top 3.

Instructor Contact Info: lmp14@uga.edu, WordPress and LinkedIn are “leempierce”, no Instagram or other social media until after the semester is over please 🙂