Liberal Arts & Your Career

A recent survey asked Minneapolis and St. Paul employers what they look for when they hire new college graduates. There are three top skills…

  1. Superb interpersonal communication
  2. Highly effective teamwork
  3. The ability to learn new ideas quickly.

All of these skills are hallmarks of a liberal arts education. They are the skills that help employees (the future you) to be flexible and adaptable.

Not to mention that you will have the intellectual resources to make the lives of suffering peoples significantly better and be considerably more interesting at dinner parties. The downside? You will CONSTANTLY consider whether you are doing the right thing. Then wonder if there’s such thing as “the right thing?” Then feel guilty for having the luxury to sit around and have those kinds of conversations with yourself. Then go out and do something about it…that you can then share at dinner parties.

Source: Liberal Arts & Your Career | College of Liberal Arts | University of Minnesota


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I am a rhetorical scholar, public speaker, and teacher at the State University of New York at Geneseo. I study speech and contemporary U.S. political culture and teach courses in public speaking, interpersonal and visual communication, speech and media, and rhetorical theory and criticism. I have been featured on RabbitBox Storytelling and TEDx.

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