Red Tape and Updates Oct 8

A bunch of red tape, FYIs, “please do me a solid,” type notes I’ve been compiling:

  1. I’m extending the speeches to be 3 – 5 minutes long rather than the original 4 – 5. I’ll update the assignment description. If you have not yet read the assignment description for the informative speech please do so
  2. Please upload your outlines to eLC prior to delivery in PDF format, as opposed to .doc, etc. Never upload in .pages or .odt because I either can’t open them or the formatting is going to be all screwy
  3. Feel free to label your SUPPORTS and central idea or theme in your outline if it helps you and you think it’s going to help me read you more accurately. However do it in a specific way so it doesn’t cause chaos. See the “pro/con organic farming” sample speech on eLC.
  4. Oh, I also will put a few more informative sample speeches on eLC
  5. Please include the time of our class (9:30, 11, etc.) on everything you give to me from in-class worksheets to emails you send. It’s a minor thing that helps me sort things out.
  6. Next week we will exchange participation evaluations (see separate blog post about this weekend’s participation opportunities). Participation is primarily assessed using: written/homework stuff, in class verbal and nonverbal feedback, evaluations, how you treat each other during speeches, and online participation (Word Press comments, Twitter mentions, contributing to collaborative quiz review, etc.) But really these are just some ideas I’ve had. Participation is really any time that you are immersed in the class over and above when I ask/incentivize you to be. So if you have moments during your day that public speaking is on your mind, then you should document them by writing a post, using social media, recording a conversation, etc. Then just send it along and I”ll factor it in.


Things I owe you: more samples of informative speech outlines per your request, list of web research links uploaded to eLC.

If you haven’t set your eLC preferences to include notifying you when new material is posted, I think it might be in your best interest to do that. I try not to send emails unless something is significant (so not when I post new links or update the speaking order, for example). The second best alternative to stay “in the know” is to keep up with the Word Press blog.


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I am a rhetorical scholar, public speaker, and teacher at the State University of New York at Geneseo. I study speech and contemporary U.S. political culture and teach courses in public speaking, interpersonal and visual communication, speech and media, and rhetorical theory and criticism. I have been featured on RabbitBox Storytelling and TEDx.

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