Q & A Monologue Assignment


Would the monologue from 10 Things I Hate About You be a sufficient monologue for the assignment?


I don’t really vet monologues–some of the assignment is you using the criteria to select a good fit. My thoughts are this, assuming you mean stiles monologue/poem toward the end since you didn’t specify.
That’s a tricky one. It doesn’t have a central idea really; she’s processing out loud the fact that she still has attachment to a person who has not treated her well…so the central idea is like “I hate that I love you” which I can see coming across as complex and interesting in some situations but not on this one as much. It’s more about character development, which is to say that even disappointing emotional attachment has made her more available to herself and others (hence the teacher sending her to the principal for not being a smart ass). But I think that’s something we learn from the movie arc generally that isn’t necessarily clear from that movie specifically.

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