Aug 20 Updates

we discussed themes and central ideas (versus topics), language abstraction and concretization (general and specific), did the Drake lyrics activity (posted to eLC worksheets module), and reviewed devil wears Pravda cerulean monologue and mean girls prom speeches as examples of better and not as good monologues based on our criteria, which is strong thematic coherence and capable delivery (see assignment description).

For Tuesday: settle on a monologue and start memorizing, review chapter 3, being hard copy of monologue script to class.

If you get ahead on the monologue assignment you can start looking through prep materials for impromptu speech of self introduction.


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I am a rhetorical scholar, public speaker, and teacher at the State University of New York at Geneseo. I study speech and contemporary U.S. political culture and teach courses in public speaking, interpersonal and visual communication, speech and media, and rhetorical theory and criticism. I have been featured on RabbitBox Storytelling and TEDx.

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