Aug 18 Updates

930 class: discussed novelty/familiarity continuum, wants/expectations and wants-you-didn’t-know-you-wanted aka “needs”, reviewed semester assignments, eLC page with syllabus link, attendance policy. Discussed how assignment prompts work and why we use them. 

Take homes: access eLC, read syllabus and bring any pressing questions, get textbook and workbook, read chapter 3, bring workbook activity for class, review monologue assignment on eLC (sample review optional–will watch in class), choose movie monologue or at least top 3.

Instructor Contact Info:, WordPress and LinkedIn are “leempierce”, no Instagram or other social media until after the semester is over please 🙂


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I am a rhetorical scholar, public speaker, and teacher at the State University of New York at Geneseo. I study speech and contemporary U.S. political culture and teach courses in public speaking, interpersonal and visual communication, speech and media, and rhetorical theory and criticism. I have been featured on RabbitBox Storytelling and TEDx.

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